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Stronger body frame protects operator from danger. The rear window is large and it serves as an emergency exit. Closed cab with broader sight line.

Ergonomically designed safety armrest not only prevents the operator from falling off the chair accidentally, but also can support the operator body to have a rest when he was tired.


Easy Maintenance:The machine’s cab can be opened totally with wide turning angle which can save time and improve efficiency in daily maintenance.


Free additional plugs for electronic attachments. The large-flow quick couplings will highlight their advantages in performance when using large-flow attachments.


Imported hydraulic system, superior performance.


All instruments and operating buttons are within the reach of the operator.


There are two extra handles on the outer cabin frame which provide convenience. Ample space also caters to tall machine operators.


Adopts high power engine, more powerful, larger loading capacity.

Broad vision:

The design of 360°full-view cab remarkably promotes the operation space and thoroughly improves the operation vision.

Modular operation:

Based on the daily operation frequencies of the diversified operation units, the cab is modularly and appropriately arranged to ensure easily accessible operations. The standard attachment quick change module features rich choice of attachments.

One-stop maintenance:

All filters are arranged at the easily accessible locations to truly realize the one-stop repairs and maintenance without tilting the cab.

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