WOLF Logo Evolution

WOLF Logo Evolution

The first edition of WOLF logo was started in 2011. The logo was made up of a picture of a wolf howling on a crescent moon, and under the animal wolf there were beautified letter names of “WOLF”. The overall shape and content of the logo was simple and easy to spread, and it also highlighted Wolf brand's determination to make a splash in the industry!

In 2017, the company's committee found the need to "better adapt the logo to be imprinted on the product", for which the original wolf logo became solid outlined. This change resulted in a more powerful and easily identifiable contour.

In 2022, after the company's 10th anniversary , wolf launched the latest revised logo. The updated logo maintains the deep tradition of Wolf, highlights the visual attributes of the wolf animal, better integrates the crescent moon and the wolf head, and gives the logo an energetic and dynamic texture.

Every improvement made to the logo over the years reflects the company's current state of development and the company's focus in the future. The current version demonstrates Wolf's determination to stay ahead in the global industry, while still firmly rooted in the foundational values of "quality, innovation, honesty and trustworthiness".

We understand you ! We care about what you think !

WOLF is always with you !

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